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Certificate of Classification MUST be displayed.
The information below is an extract from the Building Act 1975.
108A Owner’s obligations about access to certificate of

(1) This section applies to the owner of a building if—
    (a) a certificate of classification has been given for the
building; and
    (b) the certificate was given on or after 1 July 1997; and
    (c) all or part of the building is occupied.

(2) If the building is not a class 1a building, the owner must
ensure the certificate is conspicuously displayed as near as
practicable to the building’s main entrance.
Maximum penalty—165 penalty units.
1 See, however, section 284 (Transitional provision for s 108A).
s 109 75
s 109
Building Act 1975
2 A certificate of classification is not required to be given for a single
detached class 1a building or a class 10 building or structure. See
section 100.
(3) An authorised officer may require the owner to produce the
certificate for inspection at the building.

(4) The owner must comply with the requirement.
Maximum penalty—165 penalty units.

(5) Subsections (3) and (4) do not apply if the certificate is
displayed as mentioned in subsection (2).

(6) For subsections (2) to (5), a reference to the certificate
includes a reference to a copy of the certificate.

(7) In this section—
authorised officer means—
    (a) a fire service officer under the
Fire and Rescue Service
Act 1990; or
    (b) an authorised person under the
Local Government Act
1993 carrying out functions in relation to this Act.
Please find atached a copy of the Building Act 1975 for your perusal.
New pool safety laws!
New pool safety laws come into effect on the 1st December 2010.
To the owner's of swimming pools, this means that an inspection MUST be undertaken when:
  •  the property is sold, or
  • leased.
This inspection can ONLY be undertaken by a pool safety inspector licensed with the Pool Safety Council. A search of the Pool Safety Council's web site can identify all of the licensed inspectors.
At the completion of the inspection a Form 23 Pool safety certificatemay be issued if the inspection is satisfactory.
A Form 26 Pool safety nonconformity notice  may be issued where the pool safety inspector finds that the pool safety enclosure fencing is non-compliant.
A Form 36 Notice of no pool safety certificate must be issued by the seller of a property when the pool enclosure fencing has not had a pool an inspection by a pool safety inspector. Under these coircumstances, the purchaser has 90 days in which to have the pool inspected and comply with any requirements noted by the inspector.  This is the link to the government web site that has the aforementioned forms.

Further information can be found on our 'Forms' page which has a link to the Pool Safety Council's web site.